my favourite school apps

hello sunshine! it’s nearly school season (sorry, summer holidays) and i want to get organised for the next school year! so, i’m sharing some of my favourite school apps that really help me stay organised, productive and successful in school. this is a collab with maria from who has a lovely blog about lifestyle, so go take a little look around!

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youtubers you should be watching

hello sunshine! it’s susanna and today i’m going to chat about my favourite youtubers, who you may or may not know! I hope you find someone new that you haven’t watched before that you really like through this post. enjoy reading!

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the gratitude diaries tag ~ summer

hello sunshine! it’s susanna and today i am going to start a tag called the gratitude diaries! i started this to spread positivity and happiness, hope you like it!


1. link back to the original post (mine)

2. write what you’re grateful for this summer

3. nominate as many bloggers as you want to do this tag

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summer outfit ideas

hello sunshine! the sun is setting in beautiful pink and yellow hues as i am writing, what a wonderful afternoon. today’s post is a collab with ella from! her blog is beautiful, take a little look around! you can read her post here. we decided to each share some summer outfit ideas, enjoy!

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what’s in my beach bag

hi guys! i don’t know about you but i’m currently on holiday at the beach! so… today’s post is a what’s in my beach bag! these are my essentials and i don’t bring too much to the beach, as after all i just sunbathe and splash friends in the water most of the time :))))

xoxo, susanna

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